Finding a Way Forward (EUPD)

A brief explanation of this common mental illness; what to expect as you begin to think about treatment and what the future might hold for you once a management plan is in place. Made by people with first hand experience of working with Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD), also known as Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

EUPD Finding a Way Forward is a short film created for The Wolf Pack Psychology (UK). 

I began this project with a whole lot of research about EUPD (also known as borderline personality disorder). I worked through the script with the client to ensure the visuals would have impact but not act as a trigger. Being a 5 minute video (with a limited budget), the images and the voice over needed to engage the viewer without a lot of animation.
Each scene was built as a digital painting, often with a focus on the central character's reflection. She is seen reflected in mirrors, train windows and computer screens to represent detachment from the world. As the video progresses the character works through therapy and finally is on the road to recovery. 
Doors are another central motif. Doors open and close to show the past, her fears and thoughts. Meditation and Mentalising therapy is central the character's recovery and doors are used to represent thoughts as they come into and leave the mind.

Sketches and storyboard development
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