Pair in the Lair

The Pair in the Lair is a Stage Puppetry performance written by Karin Cox, performed by Brett Campbell and illustrated by Thomas Hamlyn-Harris. It tells, in rhyming verse, the story of the extinction of the Thylacine, or Tasmanian Tiger, which vanished from the island of Tasmania in the early 1900s. Despite many efforts to search the Tasmanian Wilderness in the hope that some Thylacines still exist, not a single wild sighting of this creature has been verified since the last Thylacine died in a zoo in Hobart in 1936.

Artwork for a shadow puppet app.
Pair in the Lair is a poem written by Karin Cox that was turned into an amazing song by children's entertainer, Brett Campbell. This poster was created as promo for a school tour. 
Poster detail
Poster detail
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