The Paper Bag Game

I adapted the treasure hunt game to play at my daughters birthday parties. Parents and friends often asked me for the rules and the bag templates. I finally got around to designing it and putting it together as a book and it is free to download. Share it, play it, adapt it.

The paper bag game is an unplugged, outdoor activity that requires some running around, some imagination, some friends and plenty of laughing.*
It is free to download from issuu
* Formerly known as “playing”!
The Paper Bag Game is a great game to play with any size group of kids and works especially well at birthday parties, pre-school, play-dates, classroom parties or family occasions such as Christmas and Easter. It combines craft, creativity and a treasure hunt into a fun activity that gets kids up and active, as well as encouraging them to use their imagination. It keeps little people occupied for ages and doesn’t cost a fortune to prepare!
The first stage of the game is an outdoor treasure hunt where kids have to find a certain number of pre-hidden craft objects (ie balloons, play dough, etc) as well as things found in the natural environment (ie sticks, leaves etc) and collect them in a paper bag. They then make the things they have collected into their own unique creature, and parents (or adults in charge of the game) award certificates to each child to recognise the amazing attributes of each creation.
Make the bags 
Cut out the template (download the jpeg below) and fold and stick sides together to make enough paper bags to give one to each child. (Use brown lunch bags and put your own things on the front if you want!) The other things on the list need to be objects from nature that the kids can collect from the environment wherever you will be having the party (ie park, beach or back yard). Consider the season and the location.
Hide the items: Sometime at the party (before it’s time to play the Paper Bag Game) hide the craft items outside within a set area of play. Make sure you have enough items for every child playing to avoid disappointment and have a couple of extras on hand for ring-ins (unexpected extra kids) or if you can’t remember where you hid things! (NB: Try hard to remember how many of each item you have hidden and where you hid them!) 
Have a small prize ready for the first team back. 
Create a space: Have a table big enough for the kids to stand or sit around (or clear an area of floor space) ready for them to go to when they are ready to make their creature. 
Awards: Get some coloured card and scissors and make your own awards – it’s easy! Have a pen ready to write on them when you are presenting the awards at the end.
Written and developed by Jodi and Thomas Hamlyn-Harris with the help of our daughters – Riley and Abi. 
Design, illustration and photographs by Thomas Hamlyn-Harris. All rights reserved 
© Skidaddle Games 2013 
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